Financial Planning

How many times has “financial planning” meant that you walked into a meeting and walked out with a big stack of market projections that were worthless by the time you got back to your car? Many advisors use financial planning as an exercise to sell you additional products.

At Vault Investment Partners, our approach to financial planning is simply to be your navigation (Garmin, Google Maps, Waze). We help you clearly articulate where you want to go, select the route get you there, and press ‘GO’. Imagine, if for your next road trip, you pressed ‘GO’ on your phone’s navigation app and then turned the phone off. It wouldn’t help you at all. The power of the navigation software is that it continuously tracks where you are in relation to the route that you chose. And should you veer off course, you will hear that voice say: “Recalculating”.

We understand that the value of financial planning is in the continuous tracking of your progress. The value is quickly identifying when you’ve gotten off track and showing you a way to get back on. The value is also having a genuine client-advisor relationship, so you can openly discuss when you are considering making major changes to your goals.

“The days are long but the decades are short.”

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